How much weight can a Ford Econoline 150 van pull?

The Amount of Weight that a Ford Econoline Van Can Pull

The pulling capacity of a 1986 Ford Econoline Van is 6,000 pounds. But, one must utilize their owner’s manual to determine the GAWR (Gross Axle Weight Rating) of their Ford Econoline Van. First you must look at the manufacturer’s identification plate located on the inside panel of the driver’s door of the vehicle. There is a model number that you cross reference with the corresponding tables in the owner’s manual. This gives you the maximum towing/loading capacity for your Econoline Van.

The reason it is important to know your GAWR is so you will not tow or load more than your vehicle can actually pull without damaging or breaking an axle or burning out your engine. It also helps to prevent road damage from overloaded vehicles. Therefore, axle weight configuration is vital in determining the cost of taxes on vehicles in most countries. The higher the axle weight, the higher the taxes on the vehicle. This is an important factor to determine before you buy a vehicle specifically for towing and loading.
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