What happens when you put unleaded gasoline in a diesel truck?

If you knowingly or unknowingly put unleaded gasoline in a diesel truck, your vehicle will still run. But, the best way to fix the situation and make sure that your truck runs well in the time to come would be to drain the tank of the unleaded gasoline in addition to the fuel lines. Then, you need to replace the filters and at this point you can refill the tank with diesel fuel. Everything should run fine after you complete this process. If you run the engine on the unleaded gasoline for an extended period of time instead of immediately training the tank, you run a big risk of damaging the fuel system and the engine which will end up costing you thousands of dollars when you go to fix it at a dealership or at an auto shop. If the truck is not running well after two tanks of diesel, then go to the deal and have the truck serviced.

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